The Crown and the Dragon Trailer

'The Crown and the Dragon' - or 'Dawn of the Dragon Slayer 2' as it's called in the UK - is a fantasy adventure film directed by Anne K. Black and produced by Arrowstorm Entertainment. I play the male lead, Aedin, a smuggler who agrees to escort Ellen (the wonderful and lovely Amy De Bhrun) on her mission. Their success could be the only chance for their country`s freedom from the Vitalion occupying forces and from the Dragon that terrorises the nation and her people.  

Needless to say I was very excited when I first saw this, hope you are too.


These really are some of my favourites, from all the picture I had to choose from I've picked this lot. I've tried to cover as many shows as I can, shouldn't be too hard to work out which is from what.


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