The Report

I'm delighted to be doing a rehearsed reading of the award winning new play The Report by Martin Casella.

I first met Marty 11 years ago when I had just graduated and took my first professional acting job in the European Premiere of his play The Irish Curse. Since then we have stayed good friends and I'm looking forward to bringing his latest piece to the UK.

Age of the Living Dead Season 2

Delighted to hear that Age of the Living Dead is getting a second series.

Awaiting dates for filming, and I'm yet to see a script but I'm told I'm in it and will once again be playing the British Prime Minister; Samuel Adams. If only it was the case in real life.


Jack and the Beanstalk

It's almost Christmas time once again so that means only one thing... PANTO!
Jack and the Beanstock this year, in Truro again. Lovely to be back with so many of the team from last year. More cracking high rock anthems, mischief and mayhem as I'm the baddie once more.


Why not come and see me? Tickets are available from the following link: Buy Tickets

The Apprentice

I wasn't going to mention this on here as it wasn't really an acting gig but my 'performance' sparked so many messages and wind ups from friends that I figured it deserved it's place. All together now 'Hey! If only she had her light-up gilet!'

The Burnt Part Boys

I must admit to not knowing this musical when I was offered the role of 'Pete's Dad/Fantasy Men'; interesting sounding role I hear you say, so I spoke to my mate Evan Harrington who was in the original off-Broadway production. His advice was to absolutely accept it and he was absolutely right and I'm so glad I did.

I love the show, the cast we have, the plot, the score, my roles; almost everything about it. 

It is set 10 years after a mining accident has killed 12 miners in West Virginia and follows the children of these miners coming to terms with the news that the mine is to be re-opened for the first time since. It's powerful stuff and is deservedly resulting in standing ovations and tear-stained faces.