The Apprentice

I wasn't going to mention this on here as it wasn't really an acting gig but my 'performance' sparked so many messages and wind ups from friends that I figured it deserved it's place. All together now 'Hey! If only she had her light-up gilet!'

The Burnt Part Boys

I must admit to not knowing this musical when I was offered the role of 'Pete's Dad/Fantasy Men'; interesting sounding role I hear you say, so I spoke to my mate Evan Harrington who was in the original off-Broadway production. His advice was to absolutely accept it and he was absolutely right and I'm so glad I did.

I love the show, the cast we have, the plot, the score, my roles; almost everything about it. 

It is set 10 years after a mining accident has killed 12 miners in West Virginia and follows the children of these miners coming to terms with the news that the mine is to be re-opened for the first time since. It's powerful stuff and is deservedly resulting in standing ovations and tear-stained faces.



A workshop of something a little different is next up in the form of Dialektikon. My good friend Ade Bolaji is directing this political social commentary piece about an actual historical event in the 70s when great minds of the world gathered to discuss the state of the world and the future we could have. It is wonderfully relevant especially in the current political and social climate.

I shall be playing 'Herbert Marcuse', the German-American philosopher and political theorist. 

Age of the Living Dead

Delighted to be playing the British Prime Minister; Samuel Allen in a new US TV show called Age of the Living Dead.

It seems a bit like a vampire version of The Walking Dead and we all know how successful that is, so fingers crossed. There is already talk of a movie version and a second season so I'm very excited about this one.

Age of the living Dead IMBD Link



Next up is Americana, a new musical workshop in which I will be playing 'The Man'.

The rock score is amazing, as are the young cast assembled to tell this teen angst tale set in the southern States.

Think of it as Spring Awakening meets American Idiot.