Age of the Living Dead Season 2

We've been talking about it for a long time and I'm delighted to say that last week I filmed most of my scenes for season 2. Sadly a quarantine and lock down because of a virus, how apt, prevented us from getting everything in the can as planned but that just means I get to look forward to being 'Prime Minister John Adams' as soon as we get the go ahead to finish filming. It was great to reconnect with the cast and crew and to meet some lovely new faces too. Can't wait to see the footage.

Kinky Boots in Cinemas

It is finally here. 

Kinky boots will be shown in cinemas in February. I attended a cast and crew screening and can honestly say I enjoyed it immensely. The guys have done a great job capturing the feel and look of the show and manage to make it feel like a movie and a live show at the same time. 

Girl From the North Country

Delighted to be heading back to the West End so soon after Kinky Boots. This time in Girl From the North Country. Before we get there though there is a few months stint in Toronto to enjoy. It'll be lovely to head back over there and hopefully reconnect with some of the Gaslight crew.

I will again be in the ensemble and covering a few roles, 'Nick Laine', 'Mr Burke' and the 'Reverend Marlowe'. 

I don't know much about the show or Bob Dylan but I've heard nothing but good things about it and I'm looking forward to learning more about both. 

Blackhorse Road

After a script reading of Blackhorse Road a little while back, the next step is a week long workshop. I've been invited back to play 'Philip' again, must have done a decent job at the reading. It might also help that one of my best mates, Adebayo Bolaji, wrote it and will be directing the workshop. 

Kinky Boots in Cinemas

We've just agreed a deal to film Kinky Boots the Musical that will be in cinemas and I assume on DVD/Download in the future. My West End debut is to be immortalised on film, preserved for evermore. Better be good the days they film it then! Very lucky that our version is the one to be filmed and that friends that can't make it to London, will still have a chance to see it.